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    I am currently trying to run the Poisson Classifier using a limited number of resample sites. However, I receive the following error:

    Attempted to access the_ranks_all_test_points(2,:); index out of bounds because
    Error in standard_resample_CV/get_rank_and_decision_value_results (line 55)
        curr_rank_results(iTestPoint) = find(YTe_unique_values(the_ranks_all_test_points(iTestPoint, :))
        == YTe(iTestPoint));  % find rank of the real label YTe
    Error in standard_resample_CV/run_cv_decoding (line 518)
                                        [curr_correct_class_decision_values curr_normalized_rank_results
                                        curr_rank_confusion_matrix] =
                                        cv.get_rank_and_decision_value_results(YTe, classifier.labels,
                                        decision_values, get_confusion_matrix_info);
    Error in Bayes_Poisson (line 104)
    DECODING_RESULTS = the_cross_validator.run_cv_decoding;

    Here are the parameters that I am using:

    Basic DS
    ds.num_resample_sites = 3;
    fp{1} = select_pvalue_significant_features_FP;
    fp{1}.pvalue_threshold = 0.3;

    the_cross_validator.num_resample_runs = 25;

    Let me know what you guys think! I am fairly new to this and I may be making a simple mistake.

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